This is the home of ABKC Grand Champion Gatekeeper and ABKC Champion Sexy Thing. We are a well established kennel located in north Georgia.
Our dogs are high-end selectively breed american pitbull terrier called "American Bullies." Our dogs share the same genetics as original APBT, however, they have been selectively breed to mentally be more docile and calm and
physically hold more muscle mass and have larger size heads.

We currently compete nationwide in confirmation shows under the American Bully Kennel Club and the Bull Breed Coalition Registry. The purpose of our kennel is to provide our clients with high quality show dogs with pedigrees that are known to produce show-ring champions. Confirmation, health, and temprament are our first concerns when we select our breedings. Our dogs do not compete in agility courses, nonetheless, they still maintian a similar drive to the American pitbull terriers. Our adult dogs and puppies exercise and play with each other in an open environment to assure that they will develop great socializing skills. Also our puppies are raised around children which allows the puppies to naturally adjust to human contact.

The bloodlines in our kennels consist of Razors Edge, Gotti, Kingpin, Mikeland, with touches of old school Gaff and Greyline.

We are first a show kennel and have few selected breedings throughout the year. We do not breed these American Bullies for any illegal purposes and screen all our customers to assure all our dogs are going to either show homes or pet homes. We do not sell our pups in volume to pet stores or to the general public.





FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/#!/LunarGodKennel